The Profile

The Jhaveri& Shah families formed a partnership in 1961 to commence their new venture by establishing Re-rolling Mill at Ahmedabad in 1961. Later on in 1965 it got converted in Pvt. Ltd Company knownas 'Ahmedabad Steelcraft And Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd.' Further in 1973 besides common Re-Rolling product it expanded its product range by introducing Mild Steel Window, Door and Ventilator section. Gradually on mastering the technique it further added more than 70 verities of various section which are used in making of Mild Steel Window Door Ventilator all over the Globe. In 1989 because of its mere business torunover, it got the status of Deem Public Limited Company. In 1994 it came out with a maiden public issue and hence got a status of Public Limited Company with its listing in Bombay & Ahmedabad Stock Exchanges.


We have won the approval and recognition of leading fabricators of India and abroad. We ware among the first in India to develop a number of quality sections and are exporting most of them. We have several awards to our Credit from Engineering Export Promotion Council of India (promoted by Government of India, Ministry of Commerce) for Exports Excellence. We were a part of committee of BIS which set and establish size & standard for Mild Steel Window Door & Ventilator Sections.


Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd, after having a firm hold in Local market for many years, started exporting its product initially to South East Asia namely in market of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Hong Kong. Gradually with the time it expanded itsexport activity in various countries like United States of America, Canada, U.K., Turkey, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, Singapore, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, Gambia, Caribbean Island, South Africa and was proudly selling its products all over the Globe. We had our accredited agents and representatives in USA / U.K. / Mauritius / Singapore for the past several years establishing goodwill and continuity of business. At Present, Ahmedabad Steelcraft Limited exports its sections to Fabricators, Contractors, Builders, Engineers in all the above countries directly for fabricating them into Steel Doors, Windows and Ventilators.